CominSoon supplies you with designed templates to build the upcoming page and collect subscription and analytics for you, in this way you can validate your product idea quickly and start getting the audience from the first day.


When building a product, we want to build our audience and hear from them as well, and that’s why I’m making the Cominsoon.

It’s not another website builder though supplying with beautiful templates is one of the goals. Cominsoon aim for introducing the product to the people and put the focus on the potential customers from the first day when the idea was occurring to the mind instead of the first day of shipping.


I built a coming soon page, and people can subscribe to it. I submitted it to the though I didn’t think it is a popular site, after almost two months waiting, it brought me more than 90 new subscriptions in 3 days and more than 200 sessions per day. It is a shame because of the is still an upcoming page.



Using Node.js with the traditional framework Express, the database is Postgresql, and I’m using Sequenlize.js to connect the DB, it’s not convenient enough compared to my previous experience using Rails.

I’m also using Redis to save sessions and the data of website’s last 30 days subscriptions, thanks ioredis to make things easier. And passport.js makes its super easier to integrate with the google, facebook login, etc.


It’s a single page application made up with react, mobx and webpace based on my boilerplate . I spent some time to learn and use d3 for the bar charts in dashboard page, and it is the biggest frontend challenge so far.