Remote China is a platform for Chinse tech companies publishing remote job opportunities and interviewing with remote working developers to share their experiences and inspirations.


There are apparently a lot of skilled Chinese developers are interested in remote working. Remote China wants to be a platform to build the culture of remote work and help developers finding the working opportunities.


I sent a lot of emails(not much actually) to the companies who would supply remote jobs, and the company can post job opportunities on remote-china.

On the other side, I interviewed remote working developers about how they start remote working and what inspiration they got from it.


The biggest challenge from tech for my first project was devops. I had to spend a lot of time setting up Nginx, SSL and figuring out my git workflow on the server, but it was funny after a long-time struggling :) The digital ocean forum helped me a lot


Express + MongoDB, Redis for session store


Server side rendering React, Qiniu for static images