After spending 3 or 4 weeks on learning Ruby and Rails, I start using Rails again to build my products.

This is the tool I just built to track my months’ targets and collect the knowledge from each target 2016-12-17 9 55 48

Why I gave up RoR 2.5 years ago

I was a rookie in programming world, RoR is like a black magic for me. It helps me to build everything suddendly and I totally had no idea what happened behind that.

Why I come back to RoR

I still don’t have a clear idea what happend behind RoR, but I can imagine what it does and I’m able to read source code to verify my guess. And more important thing is: I want to be an indie hacker, a maker, which means I need to choose the tool for productivity.

I really love it

I googled people’s comments on RoR and other similar framwork like Djongo, Phoenix. Phoenix is impressive and seems has a better performance than others, but I don’t think Elixir and Phoenix are as that popular as RoR, I don’t want to google a programming problem that having no answer when I making products.

I ended up making a self-use product for practice, it’s very easy to start and I feel more productive by comparing with other framework I used like Express, Loopback, Koa.

Things I don’t get used to

I’ve used React for a long time and I use it in my daily office work. Since Rails is a backend MVC framework, I don’t think it can handle complicated front-end work very well. I plan to integrate some latest front-end tools into Rails next time, I’d like to take try on RxJS, being think about it for a long time.

Another thing bothered me a lot is deploying it todigital ocean, I spent 2 nights and 1 morning to figure out kinds of issues and I end up using Passenger to get them done.


I start loving RoR and I will use it for a long time. Convention over configuration is good for experienced engineers instead of rookies, I won’t feel out of control again because I’ve been using Node.js overwhelm a lot :)