Sam's Club Wechat Mini App

We worked with Walmart digital team and Wechat team to ship the first official Wechat mini app of Sam’s club from scratch in a month. The app helps Sam’s club to implement their digital strategy, and their members can bind or purchase membership card on the app.

It is now linked from their official service account and available as 山姆会员商店SamsClub in the Mini app store.


No one on the team had experience in developing the Mini app before. I led the development while learning the Mini app development with an iOS developer who is interesting in web front-end.

The Mini app itself is in growing and giving more and more abilities to the developers. Although it is using a similar tech stack as web front-end, it doesn’t have a dependency system like npm. For a better development, I built a mobx-liked framework for state management and figured out strategies for compatibility, bad networks and authorization declined.


First of all, I learned how to develop and deploy a Mini app with kinds of weird constraints and bugs. Besides, I have built a state management based on the concept of observing, that works very well during the developing process, and everything is on the prod.

I spent a lot of time figuring out the workflow for development and test, and I usually have to find a way to solve unexpected behaviors and bugs from different mobile devices and use cases. It was tough, but I got them done in the final, and gains precious experience in a new field.