Starbucks Mobile Admin System

Mobile-admin is a system for Starbucks Chinese team to manage their official Chinese mobile app. In the beginning, the system was built for managing static assets, but now it is made up of 6 sections and taking the responsibility of App behavior controlling, assets uploading and notification sending, etc.

My Role

As the solo full-stack developer, I built both backend and frontend for each section and new features. After getting a general requirement from Starbucks PM, I discuss with the designer to figure out the UI/UX first and start building the functions after the confirmation from Starbucks PM. After that, I will do function integration testing with QA and the mobile team before shipping to the staging and prod finally. I also wrote scripts for Starbucks team to help them uploading the pre-defined data and assets to the server.


The backend is using loopback and couchbase. I added cache middleware so that the frontend won’t be stuck by rendering hundreds of images and got familiar with setting up views in couchbase for querying.

The frontend is a single page application setup with webpack so that it loads code and assets lazily, and it was my first time to use mobx for state management, it took me some time to explore the best practice and discuss with others from the community. I also investigated how to organize the code structure and module so that it would be easy for development and extension while the system is getting bigger.


Both Starbucks team and my colleague love the system and the customer is asking more and more from it.

I built a lot of features from scratch and took care of every step from UI designing to deployment. I took care of both development and performance, and the frontend codebase is the most organized code I’ve ever written so I can add new feature or polish a single UI component very quickly.