Starbucks Mobile App Backend

This system is aimed at supporting Starbucks Chinese business of digit gift card and integrating with their membership card. The architecture of the project is a microservices and I participated in almost every component building.


We are using node.js and the framework loopback to build each component, and the databases are couchbase and redis.

It was my first time to use nsq for message queue which is especially important for the financial component. We also make use of docker and build shared lib for each component’s testing and integration.


I learned a lot from my first backend project, from unit testing, setting up CI, the idea of microservices to understanding the workflow of deployment, debugging, etc.

The implementation of code review gave me the opportunity to improve the code quality and developing process. We also need to think about the performance and safety because the Starbucks App has plenty of users and huge traffic in China which is the second largest market for Starbucks in the world.