Rebuild Starbucks Official Website

We rebuilt the account part of the Starbucks Chinese official website, the pages are used for the customer to bind card, update profile, report lost card and apply invoice, etc.

My contributions

The pages we were gonna build are full of interaction with the user, so the performance is much more important than others like SEO. That’s why I decided to build it as a single page application, and I set up the frontend architecture using react, redux, sass and webpack.

It was the first time to use redux and webpack in a project. I made use of code splitting to improve the performance of the SPA and set up a developing workflow for other team members.

On the other side, I took charge of the tech support for i18n and it was another real challenge for me in the project. I tried a lot of strategies and finally using gettext, Jed and PO file to set up the workflow to satisfy the scenario.

I also tried introducing the unit testing into the project but it was in the late stage of the project and the tool I’m using is super slow in the CI, so the team was losing the passion increasing the testing coverage, but since then, we are investing more and more in the frontend testing.


It was my first time to work as a leader and scrum master in a team, besides contributing codes, I communicated a lot with Starbucks PM, designers, developers in the team and organized the group to ship the works.

I also discussed a lot with the devops team about setting up different environments for development and testing. The experience gave me a lot of knowledge of devops.